Jade, More Precious Than Gold


No stone was ever more important to the Mayan people than their precious Jade. In fact, the Maya believed it to be more desirable than gold. For fear of outsiders stealing their special green stone, the Mayans quit going to the mine – which was the only source of all Mayan and Olmec (Central American) jade. After centuries of being lost, this mine was unearthed in 1999 by Hurricane Mitch, and subsequently rediscovered. Due to its remote location in the Guatemalan mountains, the raw material could only be transported from the mine by burro.

After 25 years of traveling to Guatemala, we at Happy Mango Beads are fortunate enough to have friends who are craftsmen who provide for us these unique hand-carved Jade Amulets. The rough material (jade) of these amulets comes directly from the ancient mine.

We are pleased to offer a wonderful selection of these Mayan Jade Amulets for sale at Happy Mango Beads.


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