Tucson, here we come!

Salt River Canyon

Perhaps the best thing about owning a bead company is the opportunity to travel to exotic places where we purchase a majority of our beads … but once a year we also get to make a pilgrimage to Tucson, Arizona (from Denver, Colorado) for the world’s largest gem and mineral show. And that’s what we’re doing right now – road tripping to Tucson.

Horse hand-carved by the Zuni Indians
Horse hand-carved by the Zuni Indians

We’ve made this trip for many years and every time we try to vary our route. Most people might think: I-25 to I-10 and beeline it to Tucson is the way to go, but how boring that would be!

Currently we’re driving directly south of Gallup, New Mexico, known as the Native American capital of the world – we’re driving the backroads with a plan to eventually (later today) drive through the Salt River Canyon (and then to Globe and on down to Tucson).

But … for the moment we’re still driving south of Gallup. Soon we’ll come upon Zuni Pueblo which is where many Native American crafts are produced, including hand carved fetish animals, our favorite! The Salt River Canyon comes next with it’s dramatic views, and then we’ll arrive at Globe, Arizona, an old copper mining town and very near the famous Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine.

Sleeping Beauty Mine Turquoise
Sleeping Beauty Mine Turquoise

Over the years, during other trips to Tucson we’ve traveled though the beautiful Monument Valley, we’ve taken the road through the Three Mesas of the Hopi Reservation, we stopped and dug for fluorite at the Green Leaf Mine near Demming, we side-tripped over to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, we drove the craziest windiest road to Silver City, we stood on the corner in Winslow, Arizona, we hiked in the red rocks at Goblin Valley, we camped at City of Rocks, we bought chilies in Hatch, side-tripped to Tombstone, photographed the oldest city in Colorado, we went over Wolf Creek Pass during a blizzard … and there’s more, much more.

We’re grateful to the awesome customers of Happy Mango Beads, without whom, we might otherwise not have gotten to experience these fun adventures. Thank YOU!

Rudi & Dan Taylor, Happy Mangoes 🙂

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