Moukaite, it’s the REAL THING

Some gemstone beads are so cool it hard to believe they’re real. Sometimes it’s the pattern on the stone that looks unnatural, but more often it’s the color that leaves us wondering. Moukaite is one of those stones. It’s almost too good to be true!

Moukaite (aka Mookaite) is a jasper that is found near Mooka Creek, hence its name, in Western Australia. The stone consistently includes the follow colors: ruddy red, brick brown (even burgundy and purple), creamy beige and white and the most wonderful, rich shades of golden yellow.

This stone is known to have some very useful properties. It can help create stability in your life by helping you make wise decisions, and it’s even said to boost the immune system and help counter the effects of aging. Makes you want to wear a Moukaite necklace, doesn’t it?

At Happy Mango Beads we offer a nice selection of Moukaite Gemstone Beadsclick here and have a look!


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