Make this Trendy Bracelet in ONLY 10 minutes

Tutorial by Adrianne Surian

This is a quick and simple design using just a few components. Use layers of natural cord and a pewter accent connector to create a boho-chic DIY leather bracelet. The glue-on end caps make this a great beginner project!

Adrianne says, “I got the supplies for this project from Happy Mango Beads. They are my favorite source for stone beads and other organic beads and components including bone, lava, leather and more. They also have unique pewter accents like the square connector that I used in this tutorial.”

You will need:


Begin buy cutting two 10-11 inch lengths of leather cord.  Take one of the cords, fold it in half, creating a loop, and pass the loop through the center of the connector.  Tuck the ends of the cord through the loop, tightening it, effectively tying a lark’s head knot on one side of the connector.  Repeat this on the opposite side of the square connector.  You’ll have two strands coming off each side of the connector.  Once you’ve tightened the knots completely, center the square and trim the ends off to create a length of 7 inches.  Note: You can vary this length if you happen to have a larger or smaller wrist – 7 inches will make a 8-inch bracelet, which will lie loosely on an average woman’s wrist.


Now, cut three more lengths of leather cord, 7 inches long each (or match the length from the previous step if you’re adjusting the length).  Gather all 5 cord ends together, add a few drops of jewelry glue into one of the end caps, and insert all of them into the end cap.  Hold it in place until the glue dries enough for a light hold – typically this takes 1-2 minutes.


When the glue holds enough to move on without the cords falling out of the cap, straighten the cords and glue the second end cap onto the opposite side.


Allow the bracelet to fully dry (this typically only takes 15-20 minutes) and then attach an s-hook clasp, or whatever type of clasp you prefer.  This project should take approximately 10 minutes to complete before drying time!


You’ll find more great tutorials by Adrianne Surian and other jewelry designers at this link.

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