Get Lucky With Beads


In honor of the month of March and St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve rounded up some “lucky beads” from around the warehouse, along with some little known facts.

After I got the idea to write a blog about all of our beads that can bring you good fortune, I figured I’d find out why St. Patrick’s Day is associated with luck. Turns out, it isn’t!

St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious holiday, recognizing St. Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Shamrocks are associated with the holiday, as St. Patrick used the 3 leaves Clover Pendants of a clover to represent the holy trinity in his teachings. As with all holidays, it has evolved into something much different over time since people immigrated and new symbols and traditions were formed.

“The luck of the Irish” is actually a phrase that means quite the opposite. Throughout history, the Irish were quite unlucky, and the phrase refers more to their optimistic attitude regarding unfortunate situations. It is thought to be American-made, dating back to the gold rush. Among the “lucky” individuals who found copious amounts of gold, were many Irishmen. At the time, the Irish were a despised and mistreated group of individuals, thought to be incapable of success. Therefore, when a number of them ended up finding their “pot o’ gold,” it was just chalked up to being “the luck of the Irish.”

Four-leaf clovers, however, are still a symbol Lucky Gemstones of luck. Since there are 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every 1 four-leaf clover, you are considered lucky to have found one. Each leaf is believed to symbolize something: faith, hope, love, and luck. While three-leaf clovers are the most common, there can be any number of leaves found on a clover, the most ever found totaling up to 56!

If you’re needing a little luck in your life, Happy Mango Beads offers many varieties of beads and pendants that are thought to bring you good fortune.

There are several types of gemstones that should bring you good luck, including Aventurine, Agate and Labradorite. Happy Mango Beads carries a large supply of different shapes and sizes of these beads, so surely you can find something to incorporate into your jewelry. After all, we could all use a little luck now and then.

If you’re looking for something more literal, we offer several styles of dice beads, including pewter, Czech glass, lampwork, and bone, along with a “lucky” bottle cap bead! Have you ever been stuck on a project and aren’t sure what to do next? Try “rolling the dice” and see what happens. We’ve created a jewelry kit with dice beads for just this purpose!

So while it may be a stretch to relate “luck” with the month of March, I did it anyway. Do you have a lucky number, or a lucky t-shirt? Maybe a rabbit’s foot on your keychain? What keeps your fortune in good standing?

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