Located in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Happy Mango offers the most varied collection of beads and pendants from all over the world.  A majority of our items were hand-selected and directly imported by us.  Our team is proud to provide you with the smoothest online shopping experience and awesome customer service!

Visit us at: www.happymangobeads.com

About the folks behind Happy Mango Beads:
Happy Mango Beads is an internet based business located near the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains in a small town called Berthoud. It all started about 30 years ago when Dan & Rudi Taylor began collecting African Trade Beads as a hobby. As the collection grew they tried selling some of the beads; and after a lot of nurturing, “Happy Mango Beads” was born. Because of Dan and Rudi’s love of travel (and history in the import/export field), it was the perfect business for them. Now they travel all over the world to countries such as Peru, Nepal, Indonesia, China, Ghana, and Italy (to name a few) in search of special beads, pendants, and amulets. Dan & Rudi LOVE their work and they love beads – we believe the Happy Mango Beads website is a reflection of that.

Outside of Happy Mango Beads, Dan and Rudi enjoy spending time with their 5 dogs, 2 horses, and very large family, including 8 grandchildren! They volunteer for National Mill Dog Rescue, an organization they are quite passionate about. They enjoy biking (Harley’s and the pedal-type), camping, renovating historic properties, collecting wine, and of course TRAVEL! They also have a fabulous store in the same building as Happy Mango Beads – it’s called Wishful Living and it’s filled with treasures they’ve imported during their travels.

The rest of the team at Happy Mango Beads:

Emily is much intrigued by the mystery of the world and loves to travel (especially with Dan and Rudi when they bring her along!). Emily has visited many countries, lived in Chile for 6 months, and is not afraid to load up her backpack and float around a country solo. She also gets herself involved in many craft projects, loves hiking Colorado’s high peaks, hanging out with her pup, Merle, cross country skiing, jammin’ away on her ukulele, and shooting as much photography as possible – check out her work at Emily Sierra Photography. Emily’s favorite part of working for Happy Mango Beads is learning more about the history and cultures surrounding the ethnic beads.

Kelly is our office manager and if you’ve ever called Happy Mango, it’s likely you’ve talked to her. Sometimes she helps pack orders too, which she enjoys, and she says it feels like she’s wrapping gifts! Kelly dabbles in all sorts of crafts including needlework, painting, and drawing. She’s even learning to play the banjo (can’t wait to hear Foggy Mountain Breakdown!). She cruised to Bermuda a few years ago, and fortunately did not get lost in the Triangle. She would love to see more of the world including Iceland, Machu Picchu, Hawaii … well, just about anywhere! Kelly also enjoys trail running (Colorado is awesome for that) and hanging out with her calico cat, Bean.

Nicole made her way from Kansas to Colorado in 2008 and loves playing in the mountains: snowboarding, hiking and camping. Nicole is also a crafty gal with projects such as screen printing, making flower pendants and feather earrings, and sewing … just about anything! Outside of Happy Mango, Nicole has her own freelance graphic design business that she has been running for the last few years. Nicole’s favorite part of working for Happy Mango is learning about all of the beads, hanging out with her awesome coworkers. Nicole would love to visit Venice, Italy in the future so she can cruise the canals via boat … way better than using cars. Oh yeah, Nicole also has a pup named Dollie, hopefully she’ll get to come sniff some beads at the warehouse soon!

Suzanne started working at Happy Mango in January 2016 and this is what she has to say, “I am really, really FRESH to the world of beading. I love learning about all of the different types and styles of beads. I always imagine what our customers are creating with every order I pull. I love to travel (my latest adventure was Scotland). I love fitness and learning about nutrition, my other job is a Beachbody Coach. I really believe in making yourself a priority. I’m also a wife, a mom, I LOVE CATS, sandwiches, Halloween and just being silly and enjoying my life!”

Rich and Debbie – profiles coming soon!